Problems With Testosterone: Repairing The Damage

The men of our times has a serious problems regarding testosterone. The levels of testosterone in the US male population keeps dropping each year, and that’s worrying. And what’s even scarier is that this issue is not debated openly…

But on this article we will bring you with everything you to know in order to fix this problem. Testosterone is VITAL for your health, if the levels of this hormone are way too low, then you will start to suffer the consequences.

The days of low T are finished with this article. Stay with us and learn how to unveil the best version of yourself.

The Diet Is Important and Fundamental:

Without a good diet you will never have optimal T levels. The point is that if you consume soy, lots of sugar and processed food, then you will always experience these problems. Your best move in these cases is to simply keep processed food out of your life, or at least reserve it for very special occasions.

Your diet needs to be mainly composed by healthy foods. You should always eat meat, vegetables and healthy fats. And we will talk about fats in a moment.

Fats have been demonized for a very long time. We tend to think that a diet low in fats is good, but it’s distant from being true. If you want to generate optimal levels of testosterone, then you need to eat plenty of healthy fats, because they are the building blocks your body uses to build this precious and necessary hormone.

So don’t be afraid of fats, but drop out vegetable oils. Only olive oil is good, and the same goes for coconut oil and animal fats. They are wonderful for your health, so don’t miss out trying them.

Your body will use cholesterol to create testosterone, and we guess you can easily deduct where cholesterol comes from. So give your body a good and generous supply of fat and you won’t have any problem at all. To the contrary, you will only experience positive effects.

Vegetables are also essential. You should never miss the chance to add leafy greens to your diet. In fact, they MUST be present in all foods you eat. For example, spinach is loaded with tons of nutrients your body needs. The same goes for chard, another magnificent food for your testosterone levels.

And what to say about meat… every man out there needs it. If you want to refer yourself as a real man, then you should go and eat plenty of meat. But remember to accompany it with veggies all the time. This will reduce the possible collateral effects, so you can eat meat without problems.

And of course, do not forget to work out. Start lifting weights, as these will have a huge impact in your hormonal levels. Make sure you work out frequently, because if you do then this will have a good effect in your health and will boost your T up.